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IGH Mostar is one of the founders of the Association of consulting engineers BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA BH-UKI (www.uki.ba), which is a member of the international federation of consulting engineers-FIDIC, Geneve (www.fidic.org)

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IGH-MOSTAR continues successful cooperation with the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Practice IAESTE.

Mostar, 28 July 2010 –In IGH-MOSTAR, on the practical training of six weeks, came Kristof De Vleeschauwer, student engineer at the University of Leuven from Belgium.  This is his short presentation and first impressions
“I just finished my third year of civil engineer and I thought it was the perfect moment to do an internship in a foreign country. After I received the offers from IAESTE Belgium of the companies who were offering an internship, I saw one company that really interested me and it was IGH. And so it went, a couple of months later I started my internship at IGH-MOSTAR. I had never before heard about IGH but it’s really a nice company and I would recommend every student in Belgium to do an internship in a foreign country!”
IAESTE through its national committees in cooperation with local companies, providing students from more than 80 countries for practical training related to their field of study. This Association is a confederation of National Committees representing academic, industrial and student spheres of interest. Each National Committee is responsible for conducting trade in his country.
Contract for feasibility study for the protected natural value of caves and Vjetrenica and part of Popovo polje in Municipality Ravno
On the day 07/06/2010th, with a Municipality Ravno, a consortium of IGH-MOSTAR (lead partner), OIKON Ltd. Institute for Applied Ecology and Institute IGH signed a "Contract for feasibility study for the value of protected natural caves Vjetrenica and part of Popovo Polje in the Municipality of Ravno".
Development Master Plan for tourism development areas Blidinje with creating 3D visualizations
The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has signed a service contract for the Master plan of tourism development areas Blidinje, with the creation of 3D visualization - LOT2.
The contract for the study "Evaluation of the space and convenience for the spatial development of HNŽ/K"
On the day 12.05.2010th, with the Ministry of Construction / Building and Zoning HNC has signed a contract for the study "Evaluation of the space and convenience for the spatial development of HNŽ for the purposes of the spatial plan HNŽ / K.
Potpisivanje ugovaora HNZ
"International Conference in Cavtat"
In Cavtat, from 03.-05.05. 2010th was held IABSE-FIB international conference titled "Codes in Structural Engineering Developments and Needs for International Practice", in whose work is in front of the Organizing Committee of BiH participated Mr. sc. Kresimir Šaravanja, director of IGH-MOSTAR. More details about the conference program see the website:

The decision on admission to the technical committee BAS / TC 7 Environment
Mario Zovko, B. Sc. ing machine. -Head of Department for the Environment, has received a decision on admission of technical committee BAS / TC 7, Environment. At the 29th session held on 18.03.2010. Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Committee has spoken positively about the admission to membership on the basis of which the Director of the Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a decision. Along with congratulations at the reception and expressed expectations of significant contribution to the work of the Technical Committee BAS / TC 7th
International conference on managing road infrastructure with the security aspect
In Sarajevo, 15 and 16.04.2010. year, held an international conference on management of road infrastructure in terms of security. Plenary part of the conference was moderated by Chairman of the Organizing Committee of mr. sc. Kresimir Šaravanja a work conference was supported by prof. Dr. Esref Gacanin, President UKI BiH, also the president of the Programming Committee and the Organising Committee, Mr Christoph Nicodème, director general of the European Road Federation (European Union Road Federation-ERF) and the Organizing Committee Jelica Minic, deputy secretary general of the Regional Cooperation (Regional Cooperation Council RCC). The conference was opened by Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport, Mr Mladen Simic. The conference papers presented by 45 exhibitors from 10 countries. Mr. Šaravanja led part of the afternoon session, at which six papers were presented. The conference, in front of IGH-MOSTAR, he worked Šaravanja Vincent, Deputy Director, and Mario Rotim, head of the Department of pavement structures.
Conference "Corridor Vc-European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina
In Mostar, in the framework of the International Fair Economy Mostar 2010th, Conference on "Corridor Vc-European future of BiH.

President of the Organizing Committee was the doc. Ivan Lovric, with the Faculty of Engineering University of Mostar. Co-organizers were GFMO, MKiT Bosnia and Zagreb Faculty of Traffic Engineering. In this work together, we noticed a presentation was Mr Mario Crnjak, technical director of the institute IGH Zagreb, and in the work of the Conference, in front of IGH-MOSTAR, participated mr. Kresimir Šaravanja, Rotim Mario and Mario Zovko.

Open competition for the architectural award CEMEX
In the premises of IGH-MOSTAR was held, on 14.04.2010. The meeting of the Commission for granting CEMEX Architectural Prize, for the previous year.
Members: prof. dr. Muhamed Zlatar, president, dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Sarajevo, prof. dr. Milenko Stankovic, dean of the Architecture Building, University of Banja Luka and mr. sc. Kresimir Šaravanja, director of IGH-MOSTAR.

The representation of firms were Passa AG, Switzerland
On 02/18/2010. IGH-MOSTAR won exclusive representation for products and services company Passam AG of Switzerland for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. www.passam.ch Passam AG is a company founded at the University of Zurich, ETH Zürich. It deals with monitoring and analysis of gaseous air pollution. The main products are "passive meters for continuous monitoring of air. The analytical test laboratory is accredited in Switzerland, according to ISO/IEC17025 for test methods, spectrophotometry, gas and ion chromatography according to EN 13528-2. This cooperation IGH-MOSTAR expands its activities in the field of environmental possibilities of continuous measurement of pollutants in the ambient air. The intention of government IGH-MOSTAR further expansion of business competencies in the area of monitoring of environmental pollution.


Project IPA 2008 PT (Proficiency Testing)
Central Laboratory IGH-MOSTAR d.o.o. is included in the PT (Proficiency Testing) Scheme "PT7, Asphalt," project "IPA 2008 - Proficiency Testing (PT). As part of this project in Ljubljana in the period from 15 to 19 February 2010, the seminar "PRE-TRAINING PT, which prusustvovao Head of the Central Laboratory IGH-MOSTAR Mr. Tomislav Maric. The organizer of the seminar is the IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance), team leader Mr. David Norris IPA Regional Project Director Ms. Tanja Turquin-Spicanovic, and the host Laboratory of Metrology and Quality (LMK) at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL-FE/LMK).

Apart from Slovenia, organizers and guests from Turkey at the seminar were representatives of 31 laboratories from seven countries in the region: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Besides the representatives of laboratories, a seminar was attended by representatives of national accreditation bodies (nabs). Selected pilots of some PTS (PT1 - PT7), which will organize the testing process and results. Completion of testing of all seven PTS is planned to 18 October 2010. year.
International Conference on Management of hazardous and nonhazardous waste in the region, "Zenica, 11.-13.2. 2010th
More than four hundred participants, representatives of relevant institutions, local and regional communities, business leaders, eminent national and international scientists and experts and representatives of international institutions and organizations, representatives of governments of the wider region, in two days of the conference discussed the issues of waste and possible solutions sustainable waste management. The conference was organized by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
The conference featured two professional staff of IGH-Mostar:
Technical documentation for the rehabilitation of the tunnel, "ASH", on the road M-2.16-Bugojno Jablanica
On the day 16.11.2009. JP Road Directorate of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, signed the agreement on the drafting of technical documentation for the rehabilitation of the tunnel "Ash" on the road M-2.16-Bugojno Jablanica, in collaboration with the Institute IGH dd Zagreb.
On the day 30.11.2009. The premises IGH-MOSTAR, held the Board Meeting of the Association of Consultant Engineers UKI BH-BH (www.uki.ba). On the session was considered:

  1. Planning to organize conference on EC Directives. 885 (Road Infrastructure Safety Management)
  2. Activities related to establishment section in the UKI BiH
  3. Financial report on the on 2 BH Congress on Roads
  4. Activity on the publishing of the TTI
Master plan of tourism development for the "WINTER RECREATION CENTER POLJANA-FOJNICA"
On the day 01.09.2009. year with a Municipality Fojnica signed a contract on creating a master plan for tourism development "Winter recreational center POLJANA-FOJNICA.
New E-mail address
Since 05.03.2009. The use of exclusively new e-mail addresses, forms ime.prezime @ igh.ba and base address igh-mostar@igh.ba.
Spatial plan of the County of West and spatial plans of municipalities in its ranks
On the day 10.11.2008. in the building of the Government of West County, in Siroki Brijeg, signed the contracts on the drafting of the Spatial plan of the county and regional plans of West Municipality, Ljubuski, breast and Posušje. The contract was signed by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Resources and Environment, and a consortium composed of: Urbane techniques Zagreb, IGH-Mostar, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Mostar and UTBH Citluk.
Development Studies vulnerability of the County of West
On the day 18.09.2008. The agreement was signed between the IGH doo MOSTAR and the Ministry of Physical Planning, Resources and Environment of the County of West, about how to "study the vulnerability of the County of West." Estimated time for six months.

Supervision on construction of bridge Sutina
On the day 14.08.2008. The IGH MOSTAR "The City and signed a service contract supervision of works of construction of the bridge over the Neretva River in the location Sutina. The contractor is G.P. Hering doo Siroki Brijeg, a planned duration of one year of work.


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